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A5 Hospitality is looking for an ambassador who will get hands on and work in a professional and rapidly growing environment. Answering to the Executive director and F&B director, the essential responsibilities and functions of this position are, but not limited to:

• Offer a professional, affable and endearing level of service at all times.
• Confirm reservations and organize the seating plan accordingly.
• Supervise the work of hostesses
• Seat clients according to the available spaces
• Ensure that the time allotted to reservations is respected in order to maximize the service hour
• Assist restaurants with service during peak hours
• Act as a contact point between all the food court’s departments
• Proactive participation to the weekly departmental meetings
• Schedule planning and management according to ongoing events, attendance peaks and reservations.
• Manage calls and emails
• Acknowledge customer feedback and complaints, act on them when required and ensure proper follow-ups
• Always strive to exceed the expectations of customers (internal and external) by providing them an outstanding and efficient service.
• Build high-quality relations with customers in order to foster their loyalty.
• Assist in planning and managing work schedules according to occupation rates and predetermined budgets.
• Manage and coordinate all time-off requests (vacation, statutory, sick days, etc.)
• Assist with human resources duties (OH&S, performance review, recruiting, intervention forms, etc.)
• Welcoming and onboarding of new colleagues
• Communicate the daily promotions to the various food service departments
• Work harmoniously alongside the food court’s departments in order to provide an outstanding customer service and exceptional team work
• Comply to all safety policies
• Oversee the occupational health and safety of all colleagues and guests at all times and ensure that colleagues work in a safe way.
• Inform security of any event related to the safety of colleagues and customers.

*The above list of duties is not exhaustive and the person in this role will need to constantly adapt to high-activity and specific customer relations management situations*

• Bilingual (French & English), spoken and written
• Diploma of college studies in a related field
• Minimum of 1 to 3 years experience in an administrative role
• Any experience in the culinary realm will be considered an advantage
• Excellent computer skills
• Knowledge of MAPAQ’s food safety standards will be considered an advantage
• Keen interest in the realm of culinary arts
• Excellent communication skills
• Discretion
• Ability to work under pressure and manage several things at once
• Ability to succeed in a fast paced and constantly evolving environment
• Excellent interpersonal skills
• Adaptability to work with employees of various cultural backgrounds
• Highly organized and detail-oriented
• Dynamic, self-starter, creative
• Structured, methodical, efficient
• Ability to work in an environment that requires swift responses and a keen sense of initiative
• Tasteful appearance

Visa requirements: must be legally eligible to work in Canada.

All candidates must hold a valid work permit when submitting their application; A5 Hospitality cannot obtain one for them.

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