Do we automatically get a table when we make a reservation for Thursday’s 5 to 7? 

No. We can accommodate more customers than the number of seats. However, we can try to accommodate you if you ask for it. 


Can we come at the door without a reservation on Thursday’s 5 to 7? 

Yes. You are always welcome, however we cannot guarantee that you will get in for the event. Take note that our waiting line can be very long.


What time do you open the doors for Thursday’s 5 to 7? 

At 4:30 PM. Exceptionally, on Thursdays, the bars are closed between 3 PM and 4:30 PM, as we need to set up Le Cathcart for our event. 


Is it possible to eat on Thursday’s 5 to 7? 

The following kiosks are open until 10 PM: 

Pizza Del Fornaio 
Karma Poké 
Burgers + Frites 
Otto Ramen
Dirty Green


I didn’t get an email or text confirmation for my reservation. Is it confirmed? 

No. We respond to all email requests within 24 hours. If you have made a reservation request less than 24 hours before the date you are asking for and have not received a confirmation, it means that it is not treated yet.


Do I have to make a reservation on other nights than Thursday’s 5 to 7? 

Yes. If you are a group of ten people or more, we invite you to make a reservation at the following email address: reservations@lecathcart.com. If you are a group of less than ten people, we invite people to come directly at the door during our opening hours.  


Can we just come for a drink, without necessarily eating? 

Absolutely. Please refer to our opening hours to come see us and do a reservation if necessary. 


Do you offer catering services, room rentals, etc.? 

Yes, we do! All requests for catering, corporate events, shows, weddings, room rentals, etc., please send your request to the following email address: evenements@lecathcart.com.