Karaage (fried chicken) 6
yuzu mayo

Chicken Gyoza
ponzu sauce
3 | 3.50
6 | 5.50

Soy dashi egglant 4

RAMEN (avec bouillon)

Chicken Onion 15
green onion, and nori

Tonkotsu Braised pork 15
onion, green onion, and nori

Ramen egg +2

Extra meat +3

Spicy garlic sauce +1

MAZEMEN (sans bouillon)

Mushrooms (vegetarian) 17
Noodles, soy and sake sauce, mushrooms,
egg, onion, and fried shallot

Spicy beef 17
Noodles, chili sautéed beef,
marinated eggplant, egg, and fried shallot


Otto’s honours authentic Japanese cuisine. With a restaurant downtown, a bistro on the plateau and a bar on Notre-Dame West, it’s time to welcome their kiosk to the Cathcart. Looking for warm, tasty and comforting food? You’ve come to the right place.


Otto group


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Monday to Friday 11 am / 3 pm