Breakfast sandwich 15
Over easy eggs, salami, american cheese, lettuce, mayo, served on a challah roll

The classic 16
House cured salmon, cream cheese, pickled onions, sliced tomatoes, capers, dill, toasted bagel

Le petit syrniki 16
Cottage cheese pancakes served with maple syrup and maldon salt

Challah & butter 4.50
Thick cut challah, butter, organic honey, maldon salt

Eggs and salami 16
Soft scrambled eggs, latke, salami, pressed challah roll
Add cheese $1.00

Latkes Sorgasbord 18
Soft scrambled eggs, latke, salmon gravlax, israeli salad, pressed challah roll

Avo toast 17
Smashed avocado, sliced tomato, fried egg, sprouts, house hot sauce


Salmon tower for 38
Salmon gravlax, whipped cream cheese, toasted bagels with all the fixins’

Gravlax & beet 23
Diced shallots, beet, apple, sprouts, birri tomatoes, sour cream, caviar, dill, lemon vinaigrette, served with side black russian toast

Salmon Tartar 21
Sour cream, old-style mustard, za’atar oil, pickled vegetables, vidalia and sumac salad, served with side black russian toast


Add 1 scoop of tuna salad, eggplant salad or grilled chicken $5.50

The greek salad 20
Romaine, red & green peppers, red onions, lebanese cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, black olives, pepperoncini, feta, mint, dill, creamy greek dressing

Arthur’s seasonal green salad 19
Assorted mixed greens, radicchio, cucumbers, cherry tomatoes, sprouts, spicy avocado, french dressing


Salmon gravlax 9

Fries with malt vinegar 8

1/2 AVOCADO 4.50

Toast (gf) 2

Bagel 3

Eggs, Fried or scrambled 4.50

Grilled salami (4) 4.50

Phillip viens beef bacon (3) 5.50


Mc Arthur 21
Chicken schnitzel, iceberg slaw, skrug mayo, pickles, served on challah

Salami 12
All beef salami, ballpark mustard, House Coleslaw, served on a pressed onion roll
Add 1 fried egg $2.25

Tuna melt 16
Tuna, monterey jack, rita’s eggplant, caper mayo, chili, sprouts, served on a pressed onion roll

Gravlax 21
Salmon gravlax, caramelized onion spread, pickled onions, tomatoes, capers, sprouts, dill, served on black russian bread


Latkes 9
Served with house apple sauce, horseradish, sour cream

Schnitzel plate 30
Chicken schnitzel, whipped organic honey, french dressing, crispy capers and house hot sauce, seared bavarian potato salad


House hot peppers (3) 3

House coleslaw 3.50

Pickle (1) 2.50


Icing cookie 4.75

Babka, nutella ou cannelle 5


Coffee 4

Tea 4

Cold brew 6

House iced tea 5

Soft drinks 3.50

Black cherry, orange, root beer 4.50

Freshly squeezed orange or grapefruit juice 8


Mimosa 12

Cipriani peach bellini 14

Arthurs caesar 14

Aperol spritz 14

Beer 11

Boozy brew 12

White Wine

Chardonnay, Bellaretta,Vino Varietale Italie45/12
Body 1/3 lively fruits, exotic fruits, floral, honey, vanilla

Sauvignon Blanc, Saint-Bris, Clotilde Davenne France 72/18
Body 1/3 lemon, mango, green apple, basil

Sauvignon Blanc, Sancerre, Domaine Fouassier France 85/21
Body 2/3 lemon, green apple, lychee, mango

Red Wine

Montepulciano, IGP Terre Di Chieti, Altopiano Italie BIO 42/11
Body 2/3 plum, fig, blueberry, pepper

Trepat, Succès Vinicola, Conca de Barbera Espagne 80/20
Body 1/3 raspberry, violet, blackberry, elderberry

Cabernet Sauvignon + Merlot, Saint Emilion, Château Rocher Corbin France 108/27
Body 3/3 cherry, plum, raspberry, coffee, spices, chocolate, vanilla



Arthur’s met en valeur des spécialités juives revisitées afin de rendre chacun de leurs plats aussi réconfortants que vibrants pour l’heure du brunch. Au menu: leurs fameux pancakes, assiettes shnitzel, sandwichs de gravlax et plus.


Raegan Steinberg – Cheffe
Alexandre Cohen – Chef


Kiosque 1 – Table service
Monday to Friday 11am / 3pm
Saturday 9am / 3pm
438 924-8168